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WHAT FLORIDIANS NEED TO KNOW: Val Demings Went to Washington and Abandoned the Blue

Val Demings went to Washington and abandoned her brothers and sisters in blue. 

Instead of defending law enforcement, Demings voted with soft-on-crime Democrats who support the Defund the Police movement.

As a member of Congress, Demings: 

  • Defended violent riots, calling them a “beautiful sight.”
  • Defended efforts to defund the police in Minneapolis, calling them “very thoughtful” the day after council members stood behind a giant “defund police” sign and announced their “commitment” to “end policing as we know it.”
  • Voted against condemning the “Defund the Police” movement.
  • Voted against prohibiting criminals from receiving social security benefits.
  • Voted against deporting gang members
  • Voted to eliminate qualified immunity

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