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Val Demings STILL Refuses to Say at What Point Abortion Should Be Illegal

Rubio Responds To Demings’ Comments, Accuses Dem Opponent of Supporting Abortion ‘At Any Point’
Ronn Blitzer 
Fox News
September 2, 2022
Sen. Marco Rubio seized on remarks about abortion that Val Demings made in a recent interview, giving his take on why the congresswoman stopped short of giving a precise time at which she believes abortion should not be an available option.

Demings had told CBS Miami over the weekend that she believes in a right to abortion up to the point of viability, but when asked if that meant 24 weeks, which is roughly the standard that has been used in the past, she would not commit to that mark or any other.

“My opponent will not tell you which abortions should be illegal,” Rubio told a gathering of faith leaders in Davie, Florida on Thursday. “The reason why she can’t is you can’t have 100% from Planned Parenthood and 100% from NARAL and not believe in abortion on demand, taxpayer-funded, at any point in a pregnancy. At any point.”

Demings’ response to the question was that “women should have the opportunity to counsel with their doctors,” and that “a doctor can tell us all what the point of viability is,” rather than any legal standard.

Demings has made abortion a key part of her campaign, going so far as to tell an audience at a recent event that it, and constitutional rights in general, was her number one issue.
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