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Val Demings Reveals She Has No Idea That Rubio & Her Colleagues in Congress Are Already Fighting for Hurricane Relief

MIAMI, FLA. — In an interview with MSNBC yesterday, Val Demings revealed she isn’t paying any attention to Congressional efforts to deliver relief for Floridians affected by Hurricane Ian. 

Demings said“Now, if Marco Rubio was fighting for additional funding, more funding for our hurricane victims, that would be one thing. But just to turn his back on Floridians, I think it is shameful.”

Uhh, what is she talking about? 

Rubio has been leading the charge to deliver federal assistance to Floridians, immediately requesting a disaster supplemental in the wake of the hurricane. 

“Congresswoman Val Demings is so focused on catering to the Democrat donors that fund her campaign that she’s abandoned her responsibilities to her constituents. If Demings really wanted to help Floridians suffering in the wake of Hurricane Ian, she’d be leading the charge to deliver disaster relief in the House just as Senator Rubio is in the Senate. This is just another example of how Val Demings is a do-nothing Congresswoman who doesn’t step up for Florida when it really matters,” said Elizabeth Gregory, communications director for Marco Rubio for Senate. 

This is yet another Demings misstep post-hurricane. 

Last week, Demings used what she called “one of the costliest hurricanes in U.S. history” to raise money, embedding an ActBlue link into a video about the “soaring” death toll. 

Then, the Miami Herald reported that in 2017 and 2018, Demings “voted against large legislative packages that would have delivered aid to hurricane-affected areas like Florida and Puerto Rico…. Both measures — one including tax provisions meant for victims affected by a trio of recent hurricanes and another including aid to help Puerto Rico recover from Hurricane Maria — were ultimately approved with bipartisan support, despite Demings’ opposition. In each case, the party’s gubernatorial nominee this year, Charlie Crist, supported the bill as a member of the House.”

Demings just can’t be counted on to deliver for Floridians when it matters most. 

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