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Val Demings Opposes Border Wall But Lives in a Gated Community

Democrat Val Demings called for ‘walls’ that ‘separate us’ to go down but lives in gated community

Houston Keene
Fox News
October 11, 2022

Democrat Senate candidate Rep. Val Demings of Florida has repeatedly criticized walls in the past, calling for Americans to “tear down” the walls that separate Americans, despite living in a gated community with walls separating her neighborhood from other neighborhoods.

Demings has been a staunch opponent of former President Trump’s border wall and called on her supporters to “tear down all of the walls that still separate us from one another” in 2018 while commemorating the fall of the Berlin Wall.

However, as much as the congresswoman likes to criticize walls — like when she called the border wall “an absurd waste of money” — she doesn’t appear to practice what she preaches.

Fox News Digital has learned that Demings lives in Phillips Landing, an upscale 24-hour guarded gated community complete with walls separating the neighborhood from others.

However, the gated community that Demings — who is opposed to voter identification laws and cosponsored the Democrats’ voting overhaul bill — lives in requires visitors to show their ID to enter.

When asked by Fox News Digital about her policy stances juxtaposed to her living in a gated community with wall that requires an ID to enter, Demings’ campaign did not respond.

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