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Val Demings is Planning to Hide in Washington During Biden’s Florida Visit to Escape Responsibility for Failed Agenda

MIAMI, FLA. — The House of Representatives is going to be very quiet on Tuesday.

They’re not in session.
There are no committee meetings.
No votes.

But Val Demings will be there hiding in her office in Washington instead of appearing with Joe Biden in her hometown of Orlando to celebrate her record of voting for Joe Biden’s agenda 100% of the time. 

Why is Demings scared of appearing in Florida with Joe Biden? 

It’s very simple. Val Demings’ record of supporting Biden’s policies is failing Florida and she doesn’t want to face the people whose lives she made worse alongside the leader of the Democratic Party.

  • Val doesn’t want Floridians to know that she voted for Biden’s $1.9 trillion American “Rescue” Plan, which drove up inflation. 
  • Val doesn’t want Floridians to know that she voted for Biden’s Inflation “Reduction” Act, which raised taxes on Florida families and drove up health care costs. 
  • Val doesn’t want Floridians to know that she fueled Biden’s Border Crisis with her support for amnesty and opposition to securing our border.  

“Val Demings refuses to accept responsibility for the harm she’s caused Florida. Demings’ blind support of Joe Biden and the Democrats’ far left agenda 100% of the time has consistently made Floridians’ lives worse, and no hiding out in Washington is going to change that,” said Elizabeth Gregory, communications director for Marco Rubio for Senate.

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