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Val Demings and Kamala Harris Visit Miami as Floridians Face Historic Inflation, Biden Recession

MIAMI, FLA. — Val Demings and Kamala Harris are both coming to Miami today as Floridians face the Biden Recession caused by this administration’s radical spending spree. And who has supported the Biden Administration’s recession-driving agenda 100% of the time? Val Demings.

Demings voted for the $1.9 trillion American “Rescue” Plan, promising it would “avert a recession.” But after two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth, that’s exactly where we are. 

“Val Demings has celebrated every disastrous decision made by the White House, including the radical spending that got us into the Biden Recession. As Demings and Kamala Harris visit Miami today, they’ll have to face Floridians who know Washington Democrats are to blame as they struggle to make ends meet,” said Elizabeth Gregory, Rubio communications director for Marco Rubio for Senate.

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