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TONIGHT: Val Demings Campaigns with Radical Democrat Anna Eskamani

MIAMI, FLA. — Tonight Val Demings is campaigning with Anna Eskamani, the most radical Democrat in the Florida state legislature. 

Val Demings’ friend Anna Eskamani: 

  • Led calls to “demilitarize” and “divest” Orlando’s Police Department where Val Demings served as Chief of Police. 
  • Opposed efforts to increase funding to the Orlando Sheriff’s Office.
  • Wants to ban fossil fuels.
  • Proposed her own version of the Green New Deal in the Florida Legislature.
  • Sided with Teachers Unions over parents and students in the fight to reopen schools.

“While Val Demings spends millions of dollars on ads trying to convince Floridians not to believe their own eyes, she’s spending her day campaigning with Florida’s own champion of the Defund the Police movement and cheerleader for every other crazy liberal idea cooked up in the fever dreams of the far-left, Anna Eskamani. ‘You can make your mouth say anything,’ as Val says, but ultimately voters are going to judge Demings on her actions and the company she keeps,” said Elizabeth Gregory, communications director for Marco Rubio for Senate.

Demings votes with Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time and the Socialist Squad 94% of the time. 

Fighting for Florida