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This Weekend: Val Proves Her Lockdown Libs Credentials

Demings to Speak at Teachers Union Convention in Boston

MIAMI, FLA. — Val Demings is solidifying her spot in the school lockdown camp this weekend. She’s speaking at the American Federation of Teachers Convention in Boston on Sunday, joining a line up that includes the leader of the school lockdown movement, Randi Weingarten, and fellow lockdown champions Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, and Jill Biden. 

“Randi Weingarten led the fight to keep kids across the country out of school for months, which contributed to unprecedented learning loss for an entire generation, and Val Demings endorsed it. In joining a conference full of believers in Critical Race Theory and closed schools, Demings is putting party politics over the education and wellbeing of our nation’s children,” said Elizabeth Gregory, communications director for Marco Rubio for Senate. 

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