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Rubio Wins Senate Debate

Highlights Record of Getting Things Done for Florida While Demings is a Pelosi Puppet
WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. — Marco Rubio defeated Val Demings in tonight’s Before You Vote debate in West Palm Beach. 
“Marco Rubio easily won tonight’s debate, demonstrating the clear choice voters have in this race between Marco’s record of results and Val Demings’ record of failure. Marco laid out his record of getting things done for Florida, proving how effective he is at delivering results for Florida families, and it’s why they are going to send him back to the Senate to continue fighting for them,” said Mark Morgan, Rubio for Senate campaign manager. 
“Val Demings once again showed voters that she’s a Pelosi Puppet who would be a rubber stamp for the Democrats’ radical agenda in the Senate just as she has been in the House. In her six years in Congress, Demings has failed to deliver a single meaningful result for Florida, and repeatedly proved she will always side with the interests of the Democratic Party over the needs of Floridians.”

Fighting for Florida