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MIAMI, FLA. — Marco Rubio was re-elected to the United States Senate tonight. Rubio gave the below remarks at his victory party at the Hilton Blue Lagoon Hotel after the polls closed.

“It’s great to be here in the red county of Miami-Dade!” Marco Rubio announced. 

“I was blessed to be born here and I was blessed that my parents lived 90 miles away from here because if they had gone anywhere else on this planet, there’s no way I would be standing on a stage like this tonight…

“The source of our greatness is not our politics. The source of our greatness is not our elections. The source of our greatness is not our government. The source of our greatness is not our military power, though we need it, and it’s not our wealth, though we celebrate it. The source of our greatness is our people…

“I am more energized and excited about working in the Senate than I’ve been at any other time because I believe we on the cusp of a new generation of leadership in this Republican Party that will restore common sense, that will put hardworking Americans first, and that will leave for our children what they deserve to inherit: the greatest country in the history of the world,” Rubio concluded. 

Click below or HERE to watch Rubio’s remarks. 

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