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Rubio Put on “a Master Class on How to Debate”

“Rubio bests Demings in their only Senate debate. Clear, specific, and detailed versus vague, abstract, and ad hominem.” – The American Spectator

“[Rubio’s] responses contained a level of detail that Ms. Demings’s did not.”
– New York Times

“That was a master class on how to debate.”
– Morgan Ortagus on The Hugh Hewitt Show

“Someone who wishes she could’ve skipped some of the debate last night was Val Demings.” – The Guy Benson Show

“I’m not sure she adequately made the case for why you should vote for her.”
– Jim DeFede on CBS Miami

“Sen. Marco Rubio stood strong as he debated a shrill and desperate Rep. Val Demings (D-FL) who is looking to unseat him as he runs for re-election.”
– Townhall

“Rubio experience wins out in heated debate with Dem challenger, who opts to frolic in the mud.” – BizPac Review

“Rubio highlighted the sheer absurdity of Demings’ grandiose claims, reminding the audience that it has ‘never been easier to vote’ in the United States.”
– Breitbart

“Rubio brutally counters Demings’ voter suppression accusation during debate.” – The Floridian

“Rubio shows how to talk abortion and election integrity.” – PJ Media

Fighting for Florida