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Rubio Holds Roundtable with Cuban-American Community Leaders

‘I decided to run for re-election for six more years in the Senate because I am convinced that if we do not act we are going to lose this country’

MIAMI, FLA. — Marco Rubio held a roundtable today with leaders of the Cuban-American community at the American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora where they endorsed his reelection campaign. As a proud Cuban-American, Marco has unwaveringly defended the cause of freedom and democracy on the island. After the roundtable, Rubio held a bilingual press availability.

“We need people like Marco Rubio, fearless, frontal and with sharp words against our nation’s enemies,” said Cuban-American influencer Alex Otaola.

“Our senator has always supported our causes and has not forgotten the people who ask for freedom despite their defenselessness,” said Sylvia Iriondo, Director of M.A.R. por Cuba.

“Those of us who have seen Marco Rubio grow politically are here because he is an instrumental U.S. Senator in the fight of a Free Cuba,” said Cuban-American journalist Ninoska Pérez.

“We must always recognize the contribution of this Cuban-American community. The vast majority of those who came did not intend to leave their homeland,” Rubio said. “They lost their country to Marxism. They lost their dreams, some recovered them and managed to do great things in this country but many others did not. They limited themselves to working so that their children could fulfill the dreams that they did not have. But they never forgot Cuba. Fidel Castro is dead but the exile lives on.”

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