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Rubio Discusses Biden’s Rhetoric, the Issues Floridians are Facing & More in Fox News Q&A

Note: Despite Demings’ claims that she’s “talking to all voters” and going into communities that don’t “share the same agenda,” she refused to participate in a simple, written Q&A about key issues Floridians are facing. Other Democratic candidates for Senate such as John Fetterman and Mark Kelly participated in this series.
ELECTION SPOTLIGHT: Sen. Marco Rubio on opponent Val Demings, student loan handout, Biden MAGA comments
Aubrie Spady
Fox News
September 10, 2022
This week’s edition of the Fox New Digital’s “Election Spotlight,” features midterm candidate Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and his exclusive take on his matchup with Rep. Val Demings, D-Fla., Biden’s student loan handout, and why he believes he should remain in the Florida Senate.

Rep. Val Demings did not respond to Fox News Digital’s multiple requests to participate in this series.

What is your position on President Biden’s student loan handout?

Rubio: “It’s illegal, it’s unfair, and it fails to address the underlying problem. The student loan system is broken and needs reform. But this one-time cancelation is totally unfair to the 87% of Americans that either had loans and responsibly paid them off or decided not to go to college in the first place. Biden doesn’t have the authority to cancel over $600 billion worth of student loans with the stroke of a pen, and both he and Nancy Pelosi conceded that previously.”

“Biden’s bailout also doesn’t bring any change for Americans that take out a loan tomorrow. It’s a quick political fix for a long-term policy issue, and I have bipartisan ideas that I’ve been pushing for years to do this. My LOAN Act would eliminate federal student loan interest rates, replacing them with a one-time, non-compounding financing fee to be paid out over the life of the loan. Val Demings’ support of Biden’s student loan bailout proves she will always stand with her blue-state donors over the interests of Florida families.”

How do you respond to President Biden’s comments that he doesn’t respect MAGA Republicans?

Rubio: “So much for ‘unity’. Democrats are dehumanizing, defaming and smearing not just Republican officeholders, but Republican voters. We always knew what Joe Biden and the rest of the Washington elites thought of Republicans. Remember when Barack Obama accused Republicans of “clinging to their guns and religion”? Well, Biden is going a step further, suggesting anyone who disagrees with his radical agenda is a fascist.”

“Val Demings claims she’s running to represent all of Florida, but she has never once rejected Joe Biden’s agenda or his rhetoric.”

Why should voters choose you over your opponent?

Rubio: “I get things done for Florida whether there’s a Republican or Democrat in office. Demings has not authored a single substantive law.”

“When the pandemic hit, I created the Paycheck Protection Program, saving over half a million Florida small businesses and six million Florida jobs. Meanwhile, Val Demings was auditioning to be Joe Biden’s Vice President and doing absolutely nothing to help Floridians navigate that crisis.”

“I also fought against some in my own party to double the Child Tax Credit for working families, which was proven to benefit lower income communities in particular. I created accountability at the Department of Veterans Affairs and made it possible for millions of veterans exposed to toxic burn pits to get the care they need. I drove historic levels of funding to Everglades restoration efforts, including to improve water quality and manage invasive species, leading even the New York Times to call me “the national park’s most vigorous champion in the Senate”. I expanded treatment options for children battling cancer and successfully protected Florida’s low income housing tenants from slumlords.”

“Unlike Val Demings who votes with Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time, I’ve voted against my party before when it was in the best interest of Floridians.”

What are the issues most important to Floridians, and how will you address them if elected?

Rubio: “It costs far too much to raise a family, and we need to have good jobs here to make it more affordable. We should be encouraging young Americans to attend trade and technical schools, eliminating the false perception that you need a college degree (and massive debt) to be successful. We can also incentivize businesses to bring good jobs back to the United States. Right now, we are far too reliant on China for the things we need in this country. Everything from the minerals in batteries to active ingredients in our medicines runs through China. Not only is that dangerous, it means fewer jobs in America and a weakened national security.”

“We have the power to restore the American Dream that I benefited from, and Florida needs a Senator that knows how to put that power to use.”
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