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Rubio: Democratic Party Made Up of ‘Highly Educated, Affluent Liberals and a Bunch of Marxist Misfits’

Says working Americans are focused on common sense issues
Sen. Marco Rubio slams Democrats in charge as ‘Marxist crazies and laptop liberals’ at major GOP fundraiser
Kimberly Leonard
Business Insider
July 24, 2022
Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida on Saturday fired up GOP political players on Saturday by repeatedly bashing the left flank of the Democratic party. 

“As long as the country is in the hands of Marxist crazies and laptop liberals that work at home in their pajamas, as long as the Democratic Party is controlled by them the only thing they can produce are incompetent leaders that will lead us into crisis after crisis,” he said to a packed GOP banquet during the “Victory Dinner” at the Republican Party of Florida’s Sunshine Summit. 

During the speech, held at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Rubio aimed to draw a contrast between what he called the priorities of “working people” versus “a very small but powerful group of people” in charge.

The Democratic Party’s agenda, he said, was “taken over by 2 or 3% of the country,” and he called for a “new American majority” as Republicans work to gain control of Congress in November. 

“The Democratic party today is controlled by highly educated, affluent liberals, and a bunch of Marxist misfits,” he said. 

Rubio accused the left of being obsessed with “climate hysteria, transgender rights” and trillions of dollars in spending that have been a contributing factor to higher prices. He did not name President Joe Biden or other Democrats in his speech.

Working people, he said, were concerned about invoking “common sense” to issues such as gas, inflation, crime, fentanyl deaths, and illegal immigration.

Republican campaigns, including Rubio’s, have been seizing on economic concerns as they make their cases for reelection. Numerous polls shows that such concerns are top of mind for voters…. Rubio has rolled out proposals aimed at helping families, including a further expansion of the child tax credit. 

Rubio is a veteran in Florida politics and speaks fluent Spanish, having grown up in Miami as the child of working-class Cuban immigrants. By the end of his speech on Saturday, he drew a more optimistic tone, saying that while the US wasn’t perfect it was “better than any other nation that has ever existed in the history of mankind.” 
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