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Rubio Campaign Statement on New Demings Ad

MIAMI, FLA. — Team Marco released the following statement after Val Demings released a new campaign ad: 

“Marco’s bills have been signed into law by both Republican and Democrat presidents. Meanwhile, Pelosi Puppet Val Demings’ version of ‘showing up’ for the people of Florida is voting for Joe Biden’s failing agenda 100% of the time and delivering zero results in her six years in Congress. Demings is desperately hoping Floridians will look past her do-nothing record, but this November, Floridians will remember who consistently delivered for them,” said Elizabeth Gregory, communications director for Marco Rubio for Senate.  
Here’s how Demings is “showing up” for Floridians: Demings zoomed into a hearing so she could simultaneously participate in a campaign event. She apologized to the campaign event attendees, calling the hearing “background noise.” This was her fourth ethics violation in less than one year. Demings skipped a March 5, 2020 House Homeland Security Committee hearing on the coronavirus response. Demings was in the top third of proxy voters in the House in 2021 despite having gotten the vaccine. That paints a stark contrast with Rubio. As Politico reported“every few months Biden signs a bill with Rubio’s fingerprints on it.”
Rubio has numerous key accomplishments: Created the Paycheck Protection Program at the beginning of the pandemic, saving over half a million Florida small businesses and six million Florida jobs. Doubled the Child Tax Credit for working families, which was proven to benefit lower income communities in particular. Created accountability at the Department of Veterans Affairs and is making it possible for veterans with toxic burn pits exposure to get access to care. Made important headway on Everglades restoration efforts, driving historic levels of federal funding to improve water quality and manage invasive species, leading the New York Times to call him “the national park’s most vigorous champion in the Senate”. Expanded treatment options for children battling cancer. Passed a law to keep Florida’s low-income housing tenants safe and to hold slumlords accountable. The Center for Effective Lawmaking (CEL), an initiative of the University of Virginia and Vanderbilt University, named Rubio the most effective Republican senator, and another nonpartisan analysis at GovTrack ranked him as the Senate’s second top leader in 2020 and 2019. The Lugar Center and the McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University’s Bipartisan Index ranked him in the top quarter of all Senators. 

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