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PPP Recipient: ‘Marco Rubio really helped a lot of people.’

MIAMI, FLA. — The Marco Rubio for Senate campaign released a new ad today highlighting how Marco’s Paycheck Protection Program saved Florida jobs and small businesses.

The Paycheck Protection Program was called, “the single most effective fiscal policy ever undertaken by the United States Government,” by Douglas Holtz-Eakin, former director of the Congressional Budget Office.

Click HERE or below to watch the ad, “Diego’s.”


Lauren: “When COVID hit, it was a very scary thing.”

Ceely: “You know, I’m a single mother. How am I going to make ends meet?”

Leah: “So when our boss came to us about the PPP program, Senator Rubio was going to help us, we were all very excited.”

Lauren: “If it weren’t for Senator Rubio, I might not even have a job.”

Ceely: “Marco Rubio really helped a lot of people.”

Leah: “It was nice to know that we had someone like Senator Rubio looking out for us.”

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