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PHOTOS: Marco Rubio Holds Roundtable, Rally with Florida Faith Leaders

DAVIE, FLA. — Marco Rubio met with Florida Faith leaders for a roundtable discussion and rally on the many issues facing our communities and the importance of the faith community here in Florida. 

“God has blessed America because in many ways and America has used His blessings to bless others. It has been a refuge and a home for people that have come from every corner of this planet,” said Marco Rubio.

“I just believe with all my heart that if you’re not a society that gives precedence to life above every other right, then you’re headed in a very dangerous direction,” Rubio continued.

Later on in his remarks, Rubio said of the November elections
, “This is not between the left and the right. This is not between conservatives and liberals. This is not between Republicans and Democrats. This is a fight between common sense and insanity. An insanity that knows no limit.” 

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