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ONE YEAR IN: Demings Enables Biden’s Bow to the Radicals 

January 20, 2022

MIAMI, FLA. — Joe Biden ran on unifying the country, but in his first year in office he pushed the far left agenda championed by radical Democrats like Val Demings, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer. 

Over the past year, Joe Biden’s “leadership” has resulted in:The highest inflation in almost 40 years, hurting Americans at the grocery store and the gas pump;A supply chain crisis;The botched management of COVID-19;A disastrous exit from Afghanistan;A record 1.8 million illegal immigrants coming across the southern border;And a weak response to the historic protests in Cuba. “Val Demings voted for Joe Biden’s disastrous, jerk to the left agenda 100% of the time over the past year, and we can be sure she’ll never tire of doing so. As we saw with last night’s bipartisan vote to save the filibuster, every single seat matters in preserving the fundamentals of our democracy. Demings’ election to the Senate would enable Democrats’ power grab,” said Elizabeth Gregory, communications director for Marco Rubio for Senate. 

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