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NEW WEBSITE: Team Marco Launches “Todos con Demings” Ahead of Demings’ First Hispanic Outreach Event

April 28, 2022

Folks – 
As you know, Hispanics in Florida turned out big for Republicans in 2020 – and Democrats are trying to stop the bleeding. 
But Val Demings is grasping at straws when it comes to reaching Florida’s non-monolithic Hispanic communities… and boy, does it show. 
Tomorrow, Demings is launching her hispanic coalition, “Todos con Demings”. Demings is transparently following Biden’s lead with every decision she makes – even in her attempts to reach Florida’s Hispanic communities. She copied his coalition name (Todos con Biden), as well as Obama’s “yes we can,” with some cringey Spanglish, “She Se Puede.” 
But her kitschy sayings are just at the surface of a larger issue: Demings is totally out of touch on the key issues that are affecting Hispanics in Florida.
She’s wrong on key issues affecting all Floridians, including those that are near and dear to Hispanic communities. 
On our new website, “Todos con Demings,” which launched today, Team Marco is highlighting Demings’ failures on key issues of importance to Florida’s Hispanic community. 
As she launches this coalition with a “Fiesta Latina,” it’s important for Floridians to be aware of what it is she really stands for. 
Val Demings is following Joe Biden’s playbook & failing Hispanic families of Florida.

  • Demings refused to call for unleashing American oil production to decrease the burden of high gas prices.
  • Demings championed Biden’s multi-trillion dollar Build Back Socialist agenda, which gives tax cuts to millionaires in states like CA & NY.
  • Deming voted to cut funding for more parental choice in education. 
  • Demings called Defunding the Police “very thoughtful” and violent protests “a beautiful sight.”
  • Demings votes with the Socialist Agenda of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 94% of the time.
  • Demings failed to call out socialism in Cuba or take a position on the embargo until running for Senate.
  • Demings refused to condemn Biden’s negotiations to buy oil from Maduro’s narco-regime in Venezuela.
  • Demings is clueless about the importance of our historic relationship with Colombia.

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