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Marco Rubio Took on Bad Actors at Florida Sober Homes

The Marco Rubio for Senate campaign released a new video highlighting Marco’s successful efforts to take on bad actors at Florida sober homes. 

Click HERE or below to watch the video.


In 2018, Marco called on the Labor Department and the Department of Health and Human Services to investigate the issues and bad actors at sober homes.

Marco introduced and passed the Sober Home Fraud Detection Act, which helps states, law enforcement, private insurers, and patients identify disreputable sober homes and makes sure those who need treatment are able to receive it at legitimate facilities.

He also introduced and passed the Eliminating Kickbacks in Recovery Act to end the “Florida Shuffle,” which is when middlemen receive payments for referring patients to illicit sober homes or treatment centers where they again get addicted to opioids and other drugs.

Rubio discussed these efforts and more in a recent interview with CBS 12 West Palm Beach

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