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Marco Rubio: ‘The Radical Left Will Destroy AmericaIf We Don’t Stop Them.’

MIAMI, FLA. — The Marco Rubio for Senate campaign released a new ad in which Marco warns about the dangers of electing Val Demings and shares why he’s fighting to make sure we don’t lose our country to the radical left.

Click HERE or below to watch the new ad, “Radical Left.”


The radical left will destroy America if we don’t stop them. 

They indoctrinate children and try to turn boys into girls. 

They allow illegal aliens and drugs to flood America. 

And if you speak out, they ban you on social media and they call you a racist. 

Congresswoman Val Demings, she supports all of this.

She votes with Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time. 

I’m Marco Rubio and I approve this message because I was raised by people who lost their country. I’m not going to let us lose ours.

Fighting for Florida