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Marco Rubio Stands Up for Florida Farmers

Re-Elect Sen. Marco Rubio, Friend to Farmers
Sam Accursio
South Dade News Leader
October 14, 2022

Being a Florida farmer, like anything, comes with its challenges. That is why it is important that we have champions fighting for us in Washington, D.C. There has been no stronger advocate for Florida farmers than Marco Rubio.

Senator Rubio has gone to bat for us time and time again. With produce coming into our country from Mexico at prices we could not compete with, he is working to make sure our farmers were able to get the prices their fruits and vegetables were worth. This is just one instance. Senator Rubio also pushed to boost relationships between local farms and military bases with a bill to create programs where Floridians could sell their produce to military bases.

Food security is essential to our country’s National Security. Access to safe and nutritious food is something we mustn’t take for granted. The ability to feed ourselves is essential and we can’t afford to rely on third-world countries.

Rubio’s opponent Val Demings is simply not an option for Florida’s farmers. Senator Rubio led a bipartisan group of almost the entire Florida delegation calling for an investigation into threats on Florida farmers because of imports from Mexico. But Val Demings refused to join them. After that, when Senator Rubio brought another bipartisan group together to send a letter to the US Trade representative, Demings was missing again.

Florida’s agricultural community plays a crucial role in supplying the U.S. given the climate. We must send Marco Rubio back to Washington so he can keep Florida growers strong and feeding America.

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