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Marco Rubio: “My Parents Lost Their Country. I’m Not Going to Let Us Lose Ours.”

This is why I want Florida’s vote in the midterm election
Senator Marco Rubio
Fox News
November 2, 2022

Every crisis we face right now as a country – every single problem hurting working class families nationwide – is driven by a dangerous agenda pushed by a far-left party that is completely detached from the lives of most Americans. 

This party is run by laptop liberals and Marxist misfits. These privileged Democrats in blue enclaves like Manhattan or Los Angeles never went back to the office after the pandemic; they work from home in their pajamas binge watching MSNBC. They care more about your children learning the proper use of pronouns than they do that you cannot pay your bills because everything costs more. 

That’s exactly who my opponent Val Demings has been representing in Washington. 

If Demings wins, Chuck Schumer knows he’ll get a fifty-first senator to rubber stamp the rest of the Democrats’ radical agenda, no questions asked. 

The first task is clear. We need to stop the Democrats in their tracks. We do that by flipping the House and the Senate so that the radical left doesn’t have the votes they need to get their legislation to Biden’s desk. 

After that, we need to deliver results for the American people. Floridians can trust that I will get things done for them in this next Congress because they’ve seen the positive impacts of my work in their lives and in their communities.

Finally, we need to hold people accountable for using sacred American institutions to achieve political ends. We need to restore trust in the FBI by holding hearings about the Mar-a-Lago raid. We need to hold investigations into the violence that swarmed this nation in the summer of 2020. And we need to make sure Big Business doesn’t continue selling out our nation to China. 

But we can’t do all of that if we don’t show up on November 8 and make the choice to turn our country around. The choice to embrace normal over crazy. The choice to support common sense, working-class Americans over the laptop liberals and Marxist misfits driving this country into the ground. And the choice in favor of a record of results over a record of failure.

My parents lost their country to radicals. I’m not going to let us lose ours. 

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