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Marco Rubio Joins the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show

MIAMI, FLA. — Today, Marco Rubio joined the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show to discuss what’s at stake in his race against Val Demings. 

Click HERE or below to listen to the full interview.


On the State of the Country
“Joe Biden and the Democrats control the country. And in the last two years, everything’s worse. Inflation’s worse, gas prices, five million people have come across the border illegally. Crime is surging across the country. Why would they? Why would anyone in their right mind want to leave the same people in charge that have done that over two years to our country?”

On Inflation
“Even Democrat economists told them, ‘If you put $1.9 trillion into this economy, you’re going to have inflation.’ Okay? On top of that, the common sense that tells you if we’re not producing enough oil and other countries decide to cut back, there’s going to be less oil and the price is going to go up.

“So we now find ourselves in this position that he’s put us in, which is unbelievable, and that is we can’t produce any more oil because the lefties are going to go nuts, as they do, in his own party. So we can’t produce any more oil. So we find ourselves begging on our knees for the Saudis to produce more oil at the same time as he’s depleting our strategic reserves. That’s the other piece that no one is understanding. Every week now he’s releasing from our strategic reserves…

“But I mean, it makes sense for them politically because they’ve got their base that will go bonkers if they produce more oil. But they’re apparently okay if we get it from Saudi Arabia.”

On Hurricane Ian Recovery
“But you have to understand, within eight days of this storm, eight, nine days of the storm, 90 something percent, maybe up to 95% of the homes and businesses that could be turned on were turned on. You know, there are some that are completely destroyed. You can’t restore the power to a customer that doesn’t exist anymore because the business is gone. That’s extraordinary because that changes everything. When the power’s back on, life begins, kids just started going back to school this week again.”

Fighting for Florida