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Marco Rubio Joins Life, Liberty & Levin

MIAMI, FLA. — Marco Rubio joined Life, Liberty and Levin tonight. He discussed the Radical Left, his race against Val Demings, and his record of getting things done for Florida in the United States Senate.

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On His Race Against Val Demings
“In order to succeed in today’s Democratic Party, you have to be for the agenda that those groups are for. So they go to Washington, and they vote like Demings has, 100% with Pelosi. She not just cosponsored, but voted for this very radical, virtually communist budget in her first two years there. Their argument is this: ‘We can vote like leftists, and we’ll raise enough money to confuse people and campaign as a centrist.’ And that’s what she tries to do. But it’s not unique to Florida. You see it time and again all over the place.”

“What she doesn’t tell you is that she got to Congress and voted to do things like adding a ten dollar tax to every barrel of oil, that’s about thirty-five cents per gallon for every American. She voted to zero out the war against terror. She voted to gut the military spending by a trillion dollars. She voted to increase taxes by nine trillion dollars. 

“And then she also doesn’t tell you things like, the other day she said, ‘Well, we need more boots on the ground when it comes to the border.’ But when you press her on it, what she really means is they need more loafers on the ground. What she wants is more processors. Not more border agents. Not more National Guard. She wants processors to help process people. We’re talking about 4.4 million people have illegally entered the United States since Joe Biden went into the White House. That’s five times the size of her congressional district. And she says that there’s no real big problem down there, it’s not a crisis and the like.” 

On Val Demings Turning Her Back on Law Enforcement
“When they asked her in 2020, when they were burning police cars, and there was riots, and talk of Defunding the Police, they asked her, ‘What do you think about what Minneapolis is doing with Defunding?’ She said, ‘Well, I think they’re being very thoughtful. I think they’re being very thoughtful.’ She also voted for a bill, supported a bill that would allow you to sue police officers as individuals, not the department, but the individual police officer. You can just imagine the harassment that would happen there. 

“Now of course, she wants to paper over that and walk away from it, but that’s not how she was talking back in 2020. So, she would absolutely be a compliant voice. But understand that when Biden was considering her, he really was, the knock on her from the Left was that she used to be a police officer. She tried to cleanse herself of that by becoming anti-police. But that’s why 57 of our 66 sheriffs support me. That’s why every police group in Florida supports me and not her.”

On His Record of Getting Things Done
“Well let me just first say that in my time in the Senate, I’ve actually gotten important things done and I’ve outlined that repeatedly. All of the changes to the VA. I’ve done more on China than anybody else. That’s why they sanctioned and banned me. The Paycheck Protection Program literally saved millions of small businesses in our country. My opponent’s never passed into law a single measure, one single bill. So, there’s the effectiveness angle. 

“But beyond it, think about this: If Val Demings was in the Senate instead of me right now, the federal government would control our elections. The Supreme Court would have been packed. We would’ve had four and a half trillion dollars of wasteful spending that would’ve juiced up inflation even worse. The border would become as bad or worse than it is today. We might even have full scale amnesty. If you go down the list of things that would’ve happened, abortion on demand paid for by taxpayers would have been the law of the land, federal law superseding the states. That’s all of the things they would have passed with just one more vote in the Senate.” 

On Republicans Taking the Senate
“My vision is this. We’re going to get there and number one, we’re going to stop bad things from happening. Number two: we’re going to pass things that make sense for the American people. More energy production. Focus on China, the real threat of the 21st century. And number three: We’re going to hold this administration accountable.”

Fighting for Florida