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Marco Rubio Joins Fox & Friends to Remind Everyone to Get Out and Vote

MIAMI, FLA. — Marco Rubio joined Fox & Friends this morning to discuss his race and to remind everyone to get out and vote today.

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On Democrats Being Out of Touch with Voters
“The big difference in America is between the people who go into public service or become successful and remember that, and the people who become successful and forget that. At the end of today and tonight, if Democrats suffer crushing defeats, not just in Florida but around the country, one of the main reasons why will be because they have forgotten that the backbone of the country are men and women who get up everyday and go to work and work 8-12 hours with their hands and they have forgotten these people.

“They are telling these people the climate Paris Accords and the climate is more important than lower gas prices for them. They are telling people, giving people a third and a fifth chance who have committed crimes is more important than their safety and security. They’re telling people that being compassionate to people that enter our country illegally is more important than securing our border and keeping drugs off of our streets.” 

On Florida Voters
“Well, it’s two things: People that have moved here over the last four years from other parts of the country. They moved here from California, from New York, from Illinois, from all of these places that have radical leftists ideas about crime, about immigration, about spending and all these issues. They came here to get away from that stuff. So if you came to get away from that stuff, you will be against that stuff in Florida as a voter. 

“The other is: You talk about Miami-Dade county, it is my home county. This is a county, we’ve got wealthy people, of course we do, but a lot of working class people, a lot of small business people who were the ones who paid the biggest price during the pandemic. It was their kids that couldn’t go to school when they wanted to keep schools closed. Luckily, they opened here very quickly compared to the rest of the country. They were the ones paying the high gas prices and struggling to find anyone to work for small businesses. They are the ones getting hit with inflation.”

Fighting for Florida