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Marco Rubio Joins Bret Baier in Miami

MIAMI, FLA. — Marco Rubio joined Special Report with Bret Baier in Miami today. He discussed his campaign and what Republicans are going to do when they retake the Senate.

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On His Closing Campaign Argument
“This one party, the Democratic Party, controls the House, the Senate, the White House. Everything is worse than it was twenty-two months ago — from immigration to crime to inflation to the economy.

“This is not college football. We’re not just running elections because we want to be the winning team in a sport or in a game. It’s not a game. What’s at stake here is the greatness of this country and all of the things that made it such a special country. That’s what’s at stake because we’re headed in a direction that will destroy all of that, that will take away all of the things that made America special and unique.”

On Biden’s Speech at Union Station
“It’s not a new message. It’s the one they’ve been using for months now. I think he’s sort of trying to lay the groundwork for the fights he plans to have with Congress. And so when we pass bills, or try to pass bills, to allow more oil exploration, he’s going to say we’re extremists. When we try to enforce our immigration laws, he’s going to say we’re extremists. I think he’s trying to create the framework for how he’s going to fight against a Republican Congress…

“The Republican surge in voting is enormous. And it’s the Democrats who aren’t voting and aren’t excited about their candidates. So if people didn’t believe in democracy, why would they be turning out to vote? 

“There are states that don’t have good election laws. In Florida, we have good election laws. You have to have a system of counting that’s accurate, obviously. But you also have to have public confidence and so it’s important that you have laws that protect that.”

On Abortion
“I’m not interested in taking away anyone’s rights. On the contrary, the reason why I’m pro-life is because I want to protect the right of an unborn human being to live. It’s the most fundamental right. Without life, you don’t have liberty, you can’t pursue happiness. None of these other rights exist without life.”

On Republicans Taking Control of the House and Senate
“One of our most important jobs is we have to stop bad things from happening. That includes nominees and that includes laws. We don’t [want to] have to wake up everyday fearing Joe Manchin might have changed his mind overnight on something and the filibuster’s now gone and they’re going to take over federal elections and the like. So, I think that’s an important thing.

“I think also on spending, if you look at how we fund our government, a Republican majority in the Senate and House will have to force the White House to compromise. And hopefully, there will be Senators, because of the instinct of self-preservation, who will see some of this and say, ‘Well, maybe we should be drilling for oil. Maybe we do need to secure that border.’  And then obviously, it will be up to the President whether he wants to veto it or sign it. But if we pass things that make sense, if we pass things that people support, then I think he’ll have a decision to make and then he’ll be held accountable by voters if he runs again in ‘24.”

On the Current Democratic Party
“I think it’s good for America to have two political parties, that maybe one’s to the left, one’s to the right, but they both generally operate in the world of reality. But that’s not what the Democratic Party is right now. It’s been captured at the top levels by laptop liberals and marxist misfits and that controls the agenda. And that needs to change. And hopefully, sending a strong message in this election will begin that process of that happening.” 

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