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Marco Rubio Discusses Report Demings Voted Against Hurricane Relief on the Guy Benson Show

MIAMI, FLA. — Marco Rubio joined the Guy Benson Show today to discuss the Miami Herald’s report about Val Demings voting against hurricane relief for Florida and Puerto Rico, as well as the Biden administration’s plans to ease sanctions on Venezuela.

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On Val Demings’ Votes Against Hurricane Relief After Irma and Maria
“The hypocrisy here runs deep, right? She voted against bills that had hurricane relief in the past including relief for Puerto Rico and Florida because she didn’t like other things in the bill as well. Hypocrisy has never stopped leftists like her from making these attacks and, frankly, they get a lot of protection by the mainstream media who sort of ignores those things. They never ask them those questions.”

On Val Demings’ Record
“There’s a reason why she doesn’t want people to know she’s a member of Congress. She doesn’t ever talk about her congressional record or work she’s done. She doesn’t want anybody to know she’s a member of the House. Not like last week. Like for the last six years. Because two reasons. Number one: she’s never gotten anything done. Nothing meaningful. Most people, until she spent a bunch of money on commercials, no one ever heard of her because she’s never done anything. She’s never been involved in anything important for her community or for the state, not to mention for the country. 

“But number two: because of what you just said. She votes 100% of the time with Pelosi. Pelosi says, ‘This is what I want.’ This is what she does. That’s why Schumer wants her in the Senate. Schumer doesn’t just want a Democrat. He wants a Democrat that is going to do what he says on any given issue. He doesn’t care what your opinion is. You can campaign on whatever you want. That’s not just in Florida. It’s everywhere. 

“But when you get up to it, they all fall in line and they all vote down the party line and that’s what they want. And if they get 51 votes in the Senate, then they can pass anything they want. And that includes like change the rules so they can, at that point, pass with simple majorities anything like packing the Supreme Court, taking over our election systems. That’s why they want her. That’s what her record is. 100% with Pelosi. Whatever Pelosi wants and that’s what she’s going to be for Schumer.”

On the Biden Administration’s Plans to Ease Sanctions on Venezuela
“Venezuela can’t produce any oil that would make a difference. Almost all of the oil they produce now, and it’s very little, because they stole all of the money, so they haven’t invested in any of the production ability. And all of it, they’re using it to pay off the loans that they have with China. They have to give ten percent of it to Cuba to keep them afloat. So they really can’t produce any oil that would make any meaningful change in our market. 

“This is about the desire of those in this administration, and many in the Democratic Party, to sort of make things right and get normalized with Venezuela. And by the way, you can add Iran, Cuba, any of these other countries to that. If you’re bad to America, if you’re an enemy of America, it seems like they want to improve our relations with you. If you’re a friend of America, on the other hand, then they’re really critical, crack down on you, really come at you with critical statements and so forth. So it sends a very clear statement. 

“Biden basically pardoned two convicted narco-traffickers. Two convicted narco-traffickers who happen to be the nephews of the Venezuelan dictator, Maduro in exchange for seven American hostages, which is what they were. These were American citizens that were lured under the promise, ‘Come here for some meetings.’ And then the Venezuelans kidnapped them. They basically took them as hostages and they held them for almost two years and they got the nephews of the president’s wife, not the president, the dictator’s wife, who are convicted narco-traffickers. We have the pardon, a signed pardon by Biden. These guys were convicted in federal court for trafficking drugs. 

“So, in addition to letting go these two guys who are now laughing at us, you just put basically a bounty on the head of any American in any of these countries. You’ve now said basically, ‘Look. Go ahead. Kidnap and capture Americans and hold them because when the time is right, America will trade them for something you want. They’re valuable chips to have.’ And that’s why you see Americans being kidnapped in Russia, why you see Americans being kidnapped in all of these different countries because we’re incentivizing that behavior. 

“And again, Val Demings stands up and claps. ‘This is fantastic. This is great.’ Because at the end, that’s what these leftists want. They want better relations with Venezuela. They think it’s great news. And we keep rewarding these people and that’s why our enemies keep being emboldened to do whatever they want especially under Biden.”

On Protests in Iran and the Biden Administration’s Response
“This is exactly what Obama did. In 2009, there were protests in the street after some fake election they did in Iran. People took to the streets and Obama was like, ‘I’m not getting involved. I don’t want to get mixed up in this.’ And it’s the same thing he’s doing now. They’re so obsessed with cutting a deal.

“And let me tell you something else that’s offensive. I don’t know how we’re sitting at the table with an Iranian regime who is actively trying to assassinate former American political leaders. John Bolton. Mike Pompeo. If they could get their hands on Trump, they’ve already threatened to assassinate him. So we know, we’ve made arrests, not just arrests, they’ve made indictments of Iranian agents operating within the United States trying to assassinate former government officials in the previous administration. 

“So here’s a guy trying to kill people and here we are sitting at the table with them even as they’re doing that. It’s insanity. But that is how obsessed they are with a deal with these people that in the end it’s going to wind up with the same thing. This difference is they won’t just have a nuclear weapon. They’re also going to have billions and billions of dollars of economic activity that they’re going to spend, not on their people, not on bridges and roads. They’re going to spend it on building up their military to further threaten the region and forcing other countries in the region to now pursue their own nuclear weapons.

“It is an amateur, dangerous, naïve, left-of-center foreign policy that really puts America and our allies in a very dangerous predicament.”

On the November Election
“There’s no way that this state is going to vote for the same political party that controls the country that’s headed in the wrong direction. They control everything in Washington. Everything is worse than it was two years ago and the same people are in charge. We’ve got to get these people out of power.”

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