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Marco Rubio Discusses His 17 Point Victory on Hannity

MIAMI, FLA. — Marco Rubio joined Hannity tonight to discuss his 17 point victory. 

Click HERE or below to watch.

On His Win in Florida
“The changes in Florida aren’t just people moving here. That’s certainly true, people are moving here because they want to get away from this lunacy in other parts of the country. But the other change is happening to people that traditionally do not identify with the Republican Party, particularly working class, small business-own, Hispanic families, who have common sense, who don’t want schools indoctrinating their kids, who perhaps have either firsthand or family experience with socialism or leftism, and don’t want any part of it in this country, and want to live in a society governed by leaders with common sense.” 

On Prompt Ballot Counting in Florida
“I don’t understand how this is possible in the 21st century. Florida had a lot more voters, had every vote tabulated. We knew how many people had voted by 7:05, 8:05 and they were already reporting results. In Miami-Dade county, which has almost a million voters, by 7:04, they had already posted all of the early votes because they had set it up.”

Fighting for Florida