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Marco Rubio Delivered Support for Hurricane Maria Victims, Saved Jobs During the Pandemic

MIAMI, FLA. — The Marco Rubio for Senate campaign released its first Spanish ad today highlighting Marco’s leadership in the wake of Hurricane Maria’s devastating damage in Puerto Rico, as well as his creation of the Paycheck Protection Program during the pandemic. PPP saved over 39,000 small businesses in Puerto Rico and over 6 million jobs in Florida.  
Click HERE or below to watch the Spanish ad, “Logró”.


When Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, we had a voice in the Senate: Marco Rubio.

Marco delivered unprecedented resources to rebuild the island and helped millions of affected families when they came to Florida.

During the pandemic, Marco created the program that saved jobs that would have been lost, and protected small businesses about to close. 

Marco Rubio, our voice who gets things done for us. 

Fighting for Florida