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 Law Enforcement Spouse: “I Don’t Think There’s Anybody Better Than Senator Rubio.”

MIAMI, FLA. — Team Marco released a new video highlighting the support Marco’s re-election is getting not only from 56 Republican and Democrat Florida Sheriffs, but also from law enforcement families.

Marco was endorsed by the majority of Florida’s Sheriffs earlier this year.

Click HERE or below to watch the video.


Jennifer DeLoach, Wife, Sheriff H.D. “Gator” DeLoach: “We need to re-elect Senator Rubio because he supports not only my husband, Sheriff Gator DeLoach, but all law enforcement in Florida.”

Donald Tuten, Husband, Sheriff Michelle Cook: “He’s always been there for us. He’s always had our back.”

Lana Harrison, Wife, Sheriff Mike Harrison: “My biggest concern is that my husband comes home every night.”

Katherine McNeill, Wife, Sheriff Mac McNeill: “My biggest concern is that when the chips are down, someone is there to have their back and protect them and help them along the way. I really believe that Senator Marco Rubio has their best interests at heart to give them the resources that they need to do their job every day.”

Betsy Wells, Wife, Chief Deputy Joseph Wells: “Marco Rubio has always stood up for law enforcement like my husband.”

Tuten: “I think he has the integrity, he has the moral values that all law enforcement in the state of Florida needs.”

Stefanie Smith, Wife, Sheriff Gordon Smith: “I know that Marco Rubio has my husband’s best interests at heart.”

DeLoach: “I trust Senator Rubio’s commitment to our law enforcement officers as they continue to do one of the toughest jobs in the nation.”

Harrison: “I trust Senator Rubio because he has been there for us and he’s shown us that he will support law enforcement.”

Tuten: “I don’t think there’s anybody better than Senator Rubio.”

ALL: “We support Marco Rubio.”

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