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ICYMI: Rubio Joins the Ingraham Angle to Discuss the FBI Raid at Mar-a-Lago

MIAMI, FLA. — Marco Rubio joined The Ingraham Angle tonight to discuss how the left views America. 

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“This is the single greatest nation that’s ever existed in the history of the world, the single greatest force for good in human history. I don’t understand how people who have grown up in this country, benefited from this country, have so much self-loathing for the uniqueness of this country. I hear that language, ‘Steady, sustainable growth.’ You know what that is? You know what they’re basically saying? We are going to manage America’s decline. America’s still going to be a big country but we’re going to settle in and just be one of many nations around the world, follow the guidelines and the rules and consensus that’s being set in other foreign capitals around the world and America’s going to stop acting like it’s special and act like we’re just one of these other nations. Maybe a little bigger and maybe richer but just like them. 
“We’re not like them. This is the most unique nation on earth. That’s why a hundred million people would move here overnight if they could. There’s been nothing like it in the history of the world. People that have lived in other countries know that. Unfortunately too many of the people that hold elected office in this country don’t know that, don’t believe it and they just won’t admit it because they won’t win elections if they do….
“Let me translate it for you. ‘Mr. President, there’s millions and millions of everyday Americans out there, and they’re good meaning but they’re uneducated, they’re backwards they don’t know what’s good for them and they’re falling into the trap of really evil people convincing them of things like real democracy, rule of law, enforcing borders all these things are terrible, and Mr. President, it’s important for us not to let these people—translation, it’s important for us not to let the American people, working everyday people and their common sense play a role in our decision making.’ 
“You used the word snobs earlier today, there’s no better description for it. These are elitists completely insulated from the consequences of the things they support until of course the Governor of Texas buses illegal immigrants to their city, then they start complaining. Until, of course, crime goes out of control because their prosecutors won’t put people away. Then they care because it impacts them. This is at the core, the biggest division in American politics today is not Republican and Democrat, it is that we have people in charge of government that do not care about working Americans and are completely out of touch with the common sense, wisdom and the working class values of millions and millions and millions of Americans who, by the way, these people in power work for….
“Well, I warned last night that the next step in this game and I’ve seen it before, seen it play out in Latin America a lot of times unfortunately. The next step is to say, ‘Their supporters are really loud and really upset, they’re dangerous, we have to crack down on them.’ This by the way from the same people who didn’t seem concerned when American political figures were talking about how illegitimate the Supreme Court was, wouldn’t say a word about people protesting outside the homes of Supreme Court Justices, didn’t seem overly concerned about additional security for them or overly concerned about the fact that some guy got in the plane flew halfway around the country to assassinate Supreme Court Justices. They weren’t concerned about these things that needed to be torn apart. They didn’t care about that, and that’s not an agency of government that’s a branch of government. 
“These people are radicals… My opponent raised millions of dollars… Please help me go to I have to say that because we need the help because these are the things we want to litigate. The hypocrisy that is often embedded in the media that often behaves like official mouthpieces of the ruling party….
“I fear that today we probably could, although it would be a costly war, but the war’s not going to be today. The potential war’s going to be in a couple years certainly before the end of this decade, I think. China will definitely do something and I don’t know what we can expect the answer to be. We have a military that spends a lot of money on social media explaining to us the proper use of pronouns and how woke they are. China on the other hand spends all its time focusing on blowing up our aircraft carriers. So that’s not just a question for the military, it’s a question for our intelligence community that we have oversight over. These are not social experiments. These exist to defend this country from enemies and they invite aggression if they are not up to the task.”

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