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ICYMI: Rubio Joins Hannity to Discuss the FBI Raid at Mar-a-Lago

MIAMI, FLA. — Marco Rubio joined Hannity tonight to discuss the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago.

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“I’m here in a very unique position in South Florida surrounded by people that come from countries where this is familiar to them. This is shocking to Americans, but in Latin America and many of these countries around the world, here’s what happens: a group takes power, one of the first thing that group does is they begin to persecute and go after their political opponents and then when the supporters of their political opponents begin to complain about it, they begin to target them and they criminalize opposition.

“And that’s what’s happening here now. They took power. They are demanding, and you see it on Twitter, you see their public statements. They want Donald Trump arrested. They want him charged right now. They wanted him charged months ago, years ago. They wanted him charged and I’m telling you the next thing you’re going to see here, Sean, because it’s the playbook. And that is, they are now going to begin to say, ‘oh these Trump supporters, these Republicans, they’re very upset. They’re saying very angry things. We think they might be a threat and we think they might be radical extremists. Let’s start arresting them.’  The next step in this process is going to be that people who are supporters of Donald Trump or just conservatives complaining about this are going to begin to get harassed, are going to begin to get labeled as potential insurrectionists and are going to begin to get harassed by law enforcement. That’s the next step in this playbook sadly.

“I actually don’t think they went in looking for documents. I think that was probably their excuse that they found some Obama donor judge to write, not even a judge, a magistrate, to write and give them the search warrant. I think they went in there looking to see whatever they could find. Their argument is, ‘alright we were here looking for documents. We didn’t find those but look what we did find.’ Who knows what happened while they were in there because the lawyers weren’t allowed to see it.

“These people are obsessed. The far left, they will stop at nothing. People don’t understand this is the playbook from all over the world. The far left believes that their cause is so worthy that anyone who is against it must be evil, must be a criminal, and must be punished and put away. This is one of the reasons, I know people hear this all of the time, this is why elections really matter. We’ve got to take back the majority in the House and Senate so we can subpoena the records behind this and these other efforts so we can bring in the Director of the FBI, the Attorney General and force people to testify under oath about who told you what, who told you to do this, what was the justification behind this. This stuff needs to happen. And we have to have the guts to do that.

“They can’t say they’re doing it because of January 6. They thought this was a cute way to get around it and they could say, ‘Oh no, this has nothing to do with the Capitol stuff and the January 6 Committee. This is because of the documents that he retained that he still has and that’s why we went in there, but we didn’t find that, but we found all these other things that we think are incriminating. They don’t know what they were going to find. That’s the point. 
“Every single day prominent members of the left, prominent Democrats in Congress, are demanding that Merrick Garland indict Donald Trump right now. Forget about the evidence, they want him indicted, they want him put away in jail. They’ve been demanding that for months and months and months. As have many of these idiots who are commentators on these other networks that are giddy about it. Some of these people are supposedly legal experts, and they say stupid and ridiculous things about how the law applies and how it doesn’t apply. 
“But I’ll tell you what the danger and where the fire is here: what comes around goes around. And here’s what’s going to happen now. Now, one day they won’t be in power. And whoever’s in power, there’s going to be a lot of pressure on them to do it back to the other side. And now we do become a banana republic. Now we do become like those countries that people come here to get away from where there is no rule of law and everything is politicized, and where opposition to those in power is criminalized.”

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