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ICYMI: Marco Rubio Joins One Nation with Brian Kilmeade

MIAMI, FLA. — Marco Rubio joined One Nation with Brian Kilmeade last night to discuss Biden’s student loan bailout, the unprecedented raid at Mar-a-Lago, and his race against Val Demings.

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On student loan forgiveness
“I think the student loan thing in America is a big problem and it’s broken and it needs to be fixed and it needs to be reformed. And I have bipartisan ideas that I’ve been pushing for years to do this. [Biden’s] plan doesn’t reform the system. It doesn’t change anything moving forward. There will be people taking out loans right now that will owe them in the future that won’t be covered by this, oftentimes for a degree that won’t lead to a job.

“Number two: this is illegal. The President doesn’t have the authority to do this. He’s not an emperor. He can’t just with the stroke of a pen, cancel $300, $400 billion worth of student loans.

“And number three: it’s unfair. Eighty five percent of the people in this country do not have a student loan. They either had one and paid it or they don’t have one. And that eighty five percent is going to pay for the fifteen percent who got a tangible benefit. It may be too expensive, maybe they’re paying too high on interest, maybe they borrowed too much, but they got a tangible benefit from that.

“And so now, what you have is people that actually paid off their loans that feel like suckers, people that worked their way through school to not have loans who feel like suckers, and people who never went to college and are out there working hard trying to make ends meet, and they’re opening the newspaper to realize that people got these degrees and borrowed a bunch of money to go to an expensive school are having their debt wiped out, but their mortgage isn’t. Their expenses aren’t being wiped out. In fact, they’re going up. So it’s unfair. It’s illegal. And it doesn’t fix anything.”

On the raid at Mar-a-Lago
“Well it’s impossible to take away something when half of it’s redacted. But generally speaking, if I were to describe it based on a couple readings of it, I would describe it as follows: And that is Donald Trump had boxes of documents that were removed from the White House all packed in. They went in. They asked to look at fifteen of them. And they took fifteen of them. And they claim that in those fifteen, there were classified material. They knew there were more boxes left behind. They asked for the Trump officials to store those boxes in a safe place until further notice. And the further notice was an FBI raid.

“What I didn’t see in the affidavit, maybe it’s redacted, maybe it’s going to come out some other day. But what I did not see yet is an argument that ‘There were boxes in there. We had reason to believe they were going to be destroyed. The Trump people refused to cooperate with us. And therefore, we had to do a high profile, unprecedented raid of the private residence of a former President, and likely future opponent of the actual President. We had to do that. We had to take that extraordinary measure.’ Because a search warrant of private property is an extraordinary measure. And it can only be justified, you have to be able to go in and to say, ‘We had evidence that he was going to shred the things. Or he was going to burn them. Or he was going to throw them away. Or he was going to sell them off to some foreign government.’ Maybe that’s in the redacted version. I doubt it, but maybe it is.

“But absent that, why didn’t they just say, ‘We want the other boxes. Can you have them ready and deliver them to us?’ And it doesn’t seem that that has happened. The key of it is it doesn’t answer, ‘Why was a raid necessary?’ As opposed to, if in fact they were that worried about it, why didn’t they just ask for it?”

On his race against Val Demings
“Val Demings is a Do-Nothing Congresswoman. She’s been in Congress for six years, has never passed a single bill. And no one in the media will ask her, ‘What have you done for the last six years?’ No one will ask her that. And she votes with Pelosi 100 percent of the time. Not a single major law enforcement group in Florida is supporting her because she turned her back on police officers and called Defunding the Police a ‘thoughtful’ idea. She called the riots ‘a beautiful site.’

“Meanwhile, I got not one, but two VA accountability bills passed. I get burn pits legislation passed. I get multiple bills on China passed, which gets me sanctioned and banned by the Chinese. I wrote and passed the PPP program, which by the way, is nothing like the student loan issue. The PPP program didn’t go to the business owner. They went to the worker. They were designed to keep people employed because the government told businesses they couldn’t open. So it was either get PPP or put everyone on the unemployment rolls of the country. And PPP was a better use of that. And so, there’s no money into the pockets of anybody who got it. Again, these people are very cynical.”

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