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ICYMI: Marco Rubio Joins Hannity to Discuss His Race Against Val Demings

MIAMI, FLA. — Marco Rubio joined Hannity tonight to discuss the left’s radical agenda, Joe Biden’s rhetoric toward Republicans, and his race against Val Demings.

Click HERE or below to watch.

On the Left’s Green New Deal Agenda
“One of the critical problems with left-wing policies like you see coming from the Democratic Party these days is that they don’t mesh with common sense and reality in the real world. So they have these policies now where we’re going to go all this battery-powered, solar panels, we don’t have the infrastructure for that. We’re not anywhere near that. All of the tax credits in the world are not going to change that. 

“Number two: A lot of the materials that you need to build these batteries and solar panels, all of that comes from China so you’re empowering them. 

“And number three is what pointed out today and that is that we don’t have enough charging stations. And if we do, they are telling people not to charge the electric cars. Meanwhile, the ninety-something percent of the cars that are on the road driven by real, everyday Americans, they require gasoline. And we are not producing more of it, we’re not providing more of it. We’re doing things that are hurting our economy and are really hurting people’s pocketbooks.”

On Joe Biden’s Rhetoric Toward Republicans
“There are two things happening here. The first is they are criminalizing and dehumanizing their opposition. So this is what they have been doing for a while. If you recall now last year when they were doing this fake voter rights thing–there is no voter crisis in Georgia, for example–he gave a speech saying that anyone who did not support the bill they wanted was a Jim Crow segregationist, which is absolutely outrageous and absurd. Then we saw the attacks against the Supreme Court, basically calling them illegitimate… Then we saw a guy come across the country and to try to kill Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. We’ve seen churches vandalized. We’ve seen pro-life groups being attacked and firebombed.

“If you criticize them, they will claim that you are putting them in danger. They, on the other hand, do not criticize Republicans, they try to dehumanize, defame and smear Republicans by calling not Republican officeholders, but Republican voters, everyday people, by calling them semi-fascist.

“Last week in Florida Charlie Crist running for Governor once again here said he did not want the support of anyone who had voted or supported Ron DeSantis, which is the majority of the state.They are not attacking political leaders alone, they are attacking voters, which in Florida is the majority of voters.”
On Demings’ Support for Pelosi
Hannity: What is the exact percentage of the time [Val Demings] votes with Nancy Pelosi? 
“It is 100% and she has never broken from Nancy Pelosi once. She would be like electing Nancy Pelosi to the US Senate from Florida. But it goes further than that. She is flush with money. Democrats all over the country are pouring money into her campaign.”
On Demings’ Failure to Recognize Inflation as the Most Important Issue 
“Today, she goes on one of these Zoom calls that she likes to do with small groups of liberals and she said ‘Inflation is not important, let’s put that to the side, let’s not talk about inflation, that’s not the biggest issue.’ That’s not her top priority. It tells you how disconnected she is from everyday people. But more importantly it tells you how radical the Democratic Party has become on some of these ideas. She is a radical rubber-stamp.”
On Demings’ Far Left Stances
“Val Demings says that the border crisis is nothing new, there’s no big deal there. She thinks inflation is something we need to put aside in a corner and not be focused on. She tries to portray herself as law enforcement. She was once a police officer. That was a long time ago. In the last six years in Congress she has turned her back on police departments and law enforcement, that’s why they’ve all endorsed me. She’s actually helped the left attack them, as you pointed out.

“She’s going to run on what the left runs on: a lot of money, the help of the mainstream media and, I guess, calling Republicans and people who vote for them fascists.” 

Fighting for Florida