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GETTING THINGS DONE: Rubio is Working to Keep Florida Schools Safe

In the aftermath of the tragic shooting in Parkland, Marco Rubio sat down with Republicans, Democrats, students, parents, law enforcement and others to find common ground. 

While they didn’t agree on everything, they were able to make progress. Rubio’s STOP School Violence Act, was signed into law in 2018. The law: 

  • Trains students, school personnel, and local law enforcement to identify warning signs and intervene to stop school violence before it happens;
  • Improves school security infrastructure to deter and respond to threats of school violence, including the development and implementation of anonymous reporting systems for threats of school violence;
  • Develops and operates school threat assessment and crisis intervention teams; and
  • Facilitates coordination between schools and local law enforcement.

Rubio has worked to pass the following legislation to continue to strengthen the safety of Florida schools. 

  • The Extreme Risk Protection Order and Violence Prevention Act would give states grants to enact laws to provide law enforcement or family members the ability to obtain a court order to prevent firearm purchases and possession by individuals who pose a significant threat to themselves or others while providing due process protections. 
  • The Luke and Alex School Safety Act, named in honor of two Parkland fallen victims and spearheaded by a Parkland father, seeks to codify and make permanent the Federal Clearinghouse on School Safety.
  • The EAGLES Act would expand the U.S. Secret Service’s Threat Assessment Center to include school violence prevention.

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