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Florida Law Enforcement:’Congresswoman Demings, America hasn’t failed. You did.’

MIAMI, FLA. — The Marco Rubio for Senate campaign released its second TV ad of the cycle today featuring members of Florida law enforcement.

“Val Demings has failed Floridians in Washington, and Florida law enforcement know it. Demings votes with Nancy Pelosi and for Biden’s disastrous agenda 100% of the time, and called Defunding the Police ‘thoughtful,’ proving she cares more about following the lead of Democrats in Washington than she does fighting for Floridians’ interests,” said Elizabeth Gregory, communications director for Marco Rubio for Senate.

Rubio has been endorsed by 55 Republican and Democrat Sheriffs, the 1,000+ member Florida Police Chiefs Association, the 30,000+ member Florida Police Benevolent Association, the 24,000+ member Florida Fraternal Order of Police, and the 241,000+ member National Association of Police Organizations.

Click below or HERE to watch the ad, “Failed.” 


Congresswoman Val Demings: “America has failed.”

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey: “Congresswoman Demings: America hasn’t failed. You did.”

Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods: “America didn’t vote 100% with Nancy Pelosi. You did that.”

FOP President Steve Zona: “America didn’t praise Defunding the Police. That was Val Demings.”

Bradford County Sheriff Gordon Smith: “And we didn’t sell out to liberals, turning our back on law enforcement.”

Woods: “That’s just pathetic.”

Ivey: “Val Demings went to Washington and became a puppet for Pelosi.”

Zona: “And when she failed, she blamed the rest of us.”

Ivey: “Just another radical rubber stamp.”

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