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Florida Law Enforcement Support Marco Rubio

June 1, 2022

‘Our Senator is a Champion’

MIAMI, FLA. — Team Marco released a new video today highlighting Florida law enforcement’s support for Marco Rubio’s re-election.

Marco Rubio is endorsed by: 

To watch the video, click below or HERE.


Anchor: “Senator Marco Rubio is being backed by the blue.”

Charles Broadway, Second Vice President, FPCA: “I believe in supporting him because he has shown his support for public safety, and safe streets, and safe communities.” 

Gordon Smith, Bradford County Sheriff: “He doesn’t sway to the political winds that you see that grab headlines.”

Stephan Dembinsky, President, FPCA: “He knows more about our problems than some of us do.”

Billy Woods, Marion County Sheriff: “Most importantly to me, he knows what we need in law enforcement.”

Mick McHale, Florida PBA: “Senator Rubio has always been a champion for law enforcement.”

Michelle Cook, Clay County Sheriff: “He understands that safe neighborhoods are the key to any successful community.”

Keith Touchberry, First Vice President, FPCA: “Marco Rubio is right for Florida.”

Steadman Stahl, President, South Florida PBA: “It was a no-brainer for us to stand behind him and we will continue to stand with him. He is the best candidate.”

Carmine Marceno, Lee County Sheriff: “Our Senator is a champion and he makes certain that he stands with us and supports us and clearly the only candidate for the position.”

John Kazanjian, President, Florida PBA: “Law enforcement has Marco’s back and Marco has law enforcement’s back.”

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