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Val Demings: I’m Only Talking About Inflation Because Rubio Says It’s Important 

Val Demings Doubles Down on Dismissing Voters’ Concerns on Inflation: ‘What My Opponent Says Are Important’
Rebecca Downs
September 5, 2022

Demings made particularly telling remarks, though, when it comes to why it is that she acknowledges voters care about inflation and gas prices. “Because that’s what my opponent says are important.”

These remarks come after Demings spoke at a virtual event hosted by the Florida Democratic Party Jewish Caucus, where she said “let’s kind of tuck this away over here” when it comes to “what we’re seeing with inflation, what we’re seeing with the price of goods and services, gas at the pumps.” 

Demings recently told CBS Miami that she believes in abortion up until viability, but would not commit as to if that’s a 24 week mark. The pro-abortion Democrat went with the oft-repeated and tiring talking point, that “women should have the opportunity to counsel with their doctors,” and that “a doctor can tell us all what the point of viability is,” rather than point to a legal standard for abortion limits. 

It’s worth pointing out that Rep. Demings voted in favor of the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA), which would actually expand Roe v. Wade but allowing for abortions up until birth and invalidating pro-life protections passed at the state level. 
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