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Rep. Val Demings ❤ Open Borders

April 26, 2022

Folks – 

Congresswoman Val Demings has been a consistent proponent of open borders since the day she was sworn into office. 

Throughout her three term stint in Washington, Demings has voted in favor of illegal immigrants voting, sanctuary cities, and a pathway to citizenship for gang members. 

Last fall, she supported amnesty for 6.5 million illegal immigrants in voting for the radical Build Back Socialist agenda, according to the CBO’s report of the House Democrats’ bill. 

So it’s no surprise that just a few weeks ago Demings reaffirmed her support for eliminating Title 42, which gives border patrol the ability to turn away illegal immigrants – she’s supported the move for over a year. Team Marco released a video highlighting Demings’ support of Title 42 earlier this month.

As Marco Rubio said, “this decision will trigger a full scale illegal immigration invasion of America.”

Floridians are rightfully concerned about what this influx will mean for the safety and security of their communities. 

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