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Marco Rubio Joins The Ingraham Angle

MIAMI, FLA. — Marco Rubio joined The Ingraham Angle tonight to discuss the midterm elections. 

Click HERE or below to watch.

On Hispanic Voters
“I live in a Hispanic community…that are increasingly indistinguishable from non-Hispanic working-class voters and small business owners. They care about the exact same things. They want schools to teach not indoctrinate. They want the laws to be enforced. They don’t want criminals running loose… And not to mention we’ve a lot of people that know that socialism and marxism doesn’t work and they recognize it when they see it.”

On What Republicans Need to Do If They Retake Washington
“There are three directions that we need to move in at the same time. Number one is we have to stop bad things from happening, crazy people from getting into positions of power. In the Senate we have that power, and so forth. I think just the election alone brings an end to some of that insanity. The second is we have to make good things happen, like energy independence, like ensuring federal laws aren’t interfering with the decisions that are being made at the state level, the school board level… We need to pass those bills on energy, and things to get education and the like, and crime for that matter. And then challenge the Biden administration to veto it… And the third is accountability. We have to use our oversight role that we have. We should have hearings on the riots in the summer of 2020.”

On Military Readiness
“Why are we putting out these videos on the proper use of pronouns? We should be worried about the Chinese wanting to blow up our aircraft carriers. We should be worried about their hypersonic weapons. We should be worried about the threat of global terror which still exists.”

Fighting for Florida