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Marco Rubio Joins Fox and Friends to Discuss His Race Against Val Demings

The choice couldn’t be clearer’

MIAMI, FLA. — Marco Rubio joined Fox and Friends this morning to discuss his race against Val Demings, stressing the contrast between his record of delivering results for Florida and Val Demings’ record of voting with Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time. He also discussed why Florida law enforcement are backing his campaign over the former police chief.

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On His Race Against Val Demings
“I’m excited about this race. Elections are at their best when it’s a clear choice between two candidates. And the choice couldn’t be clearer. Val Demings is the handpicked candidate of Pelosi and Schumer. She votes with Pelosi 100 percent of the time. Every time. She’s been in Congress now for six years, has never gotten anything important done. Nothing. She’s actually never passed a bill I don’t believe.

“And people are going to compare that to my record of delivering on common sense things, of passing a bunch of things even with a Democrat president. I’m the one that passed the burn pit legislation. I’m the one that passed the reforms to the VA. I’m the one that passed the Child Tax Credit. I’m the one that created and passed the Paycheck Protection Program.”

On Florida Law Enforcement’s Support for His Re-election
“The Fraternal Order of Police endorses my campaign. The Police Benevolent Association endorses my campaign. The Florida Chiefs of Police endorse my campaign. And the reason is this: she was a police officer and then she went to Washington and decided she wanted to be part of the Squad and decided that she wanted to be picked as Joe Biden’s Vice President candidate and she turned her back on police officers.”

On Why People are Moving to Florida
“I don’t think you move to Florida if you like the way things are going in San Francisco or like the way things are going in New York City. You don’t move to Florida and hope Florida becomes that. You move because you don’t like what’s going on over there.

“So I think number one: we’ve had a lot of people leave these other states and come to Florida because of the policies of the state legislature and because of the policies of Governor DeSantis, which are built on common sense, by the way. They’re not ideological ideas. And then, I would add to that, Hispanic voters in the state. People say Hispanic voters, but really what they are are working class people. These are small business owners, they’re working class people. They love America. They know how great America is because they know what life is like in other places and they see a Democratic Party that has been captured by the far left and Marxist misfits. And they don’t want any part of it. And so I think those two things have helped Republicans.”

Fighting for Florida