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Marco Rubio Joins America Reports

MIAMI, FLA. — Marco Rubio joined America Reports today to discuss Joe Biden’s trip to Florida and his race against Val Demings.

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On Joe Biden’s Visit to Florida
“We welcome him coming to Florida. For us, it’s a reminder of what we have been telling people the entire campaign and that is Joe Biden and the Democrats control the White House, the House and the Senate for 22 months and what they have produced for our country is inflation, runaway immigration, crime problems around the country, and obviously they have to answer for that. So, people have a choice. If you want to leave these people in charge of our government, then obviously you’ll welcome Joe Biden and you’ll want him to be here.”

On Social Security and Medicare
“My parents depended on those programs, those are important programs. But that’s become kind of like their boilerplate attack. They roll it out every two years, every four years. People know that’s not true. They never heard me talk about doing that. 

“This is what you do because you have to say something. He can’t run and say, ‘Vote for Val Demings and Charlie Crist because they are going to help lower inflation.’ He can’t say, ‘Vote for them because they are going to help bring illegal immigration under control’ or, ‘Vote for them because they are going to strengthen America’s standing in the world.’”

On Hispanic Voters
“Hispanic voters happen to be working class voters and small business owners. That’s what they are and that’s who they are. They happen to be Hispanic, but they vote like small business owners and like working class voters. They vote like parents of kids who don’t want schools indoctrinating their kids. I think the added factor is they vote like people, in the case of those that come from places like Venezuela, Cuba, or Nicaragua, who have seen firsthand what happens when Marxism and socialism takes root in the country. They see signs of that in the Democratic Party and they don’t want it in this country. They don’t want to lose this country the way they lost their previous country, their nation of birth.”

Fighting for Florida