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Marco Rubio Holds Campaign Rally in Melbourne

MELBOURNE, FLA. — Marco Rubio held a campaign rally today in Melbourne. 

“When we talk about keeping our communities safe, the men and women in uniform, regardless of what agency they work for, deserve to have somebody in Washington that stands up for them. Not somebody that claims they were once one of them. Because I know Val Demings. And I had an opportunity to work with her. And I wasn’t impressed with her when she was over in Orlando as the Chief and I’m even less impressed with her in Washington. I’ll tell you that right now,” said Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey. “What we need is somebody that understands that law and order, and protecting America is really the first line of defense for our citizens, the first line of defense for our cops, and certainly the first line of defense for our Constitution. And that’s what Marco Rubio does.”

“These people are not liberals, they are not progressives. They’ve gone well beyond that. And they’ll destroy this country if they’re left unstopped. Unchecked, they will destroy the country,” said Marco Rubio. “And I say this to you as someone who was raised by people who lost their country. There is no way in the world that I’m going to sit back, being in the position I’m in, and allow these people to destroy our country and lose my country the way the people who raised me lost their country.”

“Today, for example, the civilian leadership of the Pentagon and the military, they’re more focused on putting out these promotional videos on the proper use of pronouns. Meanwhile, China is focused on blowing up our aircraft carriers.”

“You know how many planes Joe Biden has sent, that we know of, to Florida? Seventy airplanes. That doesn’t count people driving. So here you have this situation where every single day, thousands of people cross the border and are unleashed. Basically, they just push these people into Del Rio, El Paso, and say, ‘You’re on your own,” Rubio continued.

“I happen to be running against someone who votes with Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time,” Rubio said of his race. “She’s running on the same playbook that Democrats all across the country. It’s stunning. Here’s the playbook: They basically run, they convince you, ‘I am a middle of the road Democrat,’ because they don’t want to talk about anything they’ve voted for.”

Rubio asked, “The same people, the same party has been in charge of everything in Washington for two years. The House, the Senate, the White House. They control it all. They could have done and passed whatever they wanted. 

“Is the economy better or worse?”

ALL: “Worse!”

“Is America stronger in the world or weaker?”

ALL: “Weaker!”

“Are you safer or more vulnerable?”

ALL: “Vulnerable!”

“So if the answer to those questions is we’re worse off than we were two years ago, then why would you ever send back the people who have been in charge the last two years?” Rubio concluded.

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