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Marco Rubio and President Trump Speak at Rally in Miami

MIAMI, FLA. — Marco Rubio and President Donald Trump spoke at a rally at the Miami-Dade Fairgrounds today about what they were able to get done for Florida together and Marco’s race against Val Demings. 

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President Trump on Getting Things Done for Florida
“We did great together. We did incredible things together for the Hispanic community, but for every community. And he’s incredible. He’s an incredible guy. He’s a true conservative warrior who gets the job done. Marco Rubio gets the job done. 

“Marco was one of the driving forces, and absolutely the driving force behind our tax cuts. The biggest tax cuts in the history of our country. Bigger than the Reagan Tax Cuts many decades before. 

“And he was fighting to double the Child Tax Credit.”

“He was also instrumental in creating the Paycheck Protection Program which protected six million Florida jobs.

“Marco Rubio worked hand-in-hand with my administration to reform the VA. He loves the vets. Take care of our veterans. Reduce the price of insulin for Florida seniors. You see the low prices? That’s because of us.

“And stand up to the Cuban and Venezuelan dictatorships and protect the beautiful Florida Everglades. He did all of this. He did so much and he did a lot more.

“Marco is endorsed by practically every police and law enforcement organization in the state of Florida. And he is truly a candidate and the candidate for law and order.”

President Trump on Marco’s Race Against Val Demings
“Marco is running against radical Democrat Val Demings. She’s cratering. She’s cratering by the way. Her campaign is cratering.

“She’s voted with Biden and crazy Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time over the last two years. Demings voted for every single one of Joe Biden’s inflation causing spending bills, one of the big reasons for inflation. 

“She voted ‘no’ on the border wall… She voted ‘yes’ on funding for deadly sanctuary cities and she supported gutting my Title 42 protection at the border where people were not allowed to come into our country. They weren’t allowed.

“Demings praised left-wing riots as, ‘a beautiful sight.’ She said, ‘Oh, what a beautiful sight’ as they burned down Portland and lots of other places. 

“She also voted for a $8.2 trillion tax hike. That would be the largest tax hike in the history of our country. 

“On top of all of that, she was one of the Crazy Nancy Pelosi handpicked impeachment managers. She walked in so proudly.

“Val Demings is a radical left maniac. You need Marco Rubio fighting for you in the U.S. Senate. He is fantastic.” 

Marco on What is at Stake on November 8
“This is a community of people who lost their country. They saw the destruction of countries, the nation of their birth. They saw what socialism and communism and Marxism can do and they are not going to lose this country.

“Like so many Americans, they love America, but when you know what life is like somewhere else, you will fight to save it. This community will fight to save it.

“We’re going to see it on Tuesday. And thank you for coming to fire everybody up.”

Click HERE or below to watch Marco Rubio’s speech during the pre-program.

Fighting for Florida