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Liberals Believe Men Can Get Pregnant

Liberal Media Outlet Skewered for Blasting Rubio’s Mockery of ‘Pregnant Men’: “You Guys Just Failed Biology”
Gabriel Hays
Fox News
September 14, 2022Conservatives went after liberal video journalism outlet The Recount after it slammed Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., for denying the idea that men can get pregnant.

“Today we are subjected to things like, there are such things as pregnant men,” he stated, adding, “As of almost 10 o’clock today – as far as I know – every single human being that’s ever been born was born of a biological woman.”

Rubio then blasted health experts who have encouraged such ideas. “And yet we have, not just commentators, not just professors, we have the Centers for Disease Control, we have the most prominent public health agency in America, who insists on using the term pregnant people.”

“Well I can assure you that’s never happened,” he added. web editor Rebecca Downs claimed that the people at The Recount would’ve flunked biology class, tweeting, “Uh, no, it is indeed ‘factually ACCURATE,’ you guys just failed biology and/or would either promote wokeness rather than objective truth. It’s also not even the much of a tight race.”

“As a woman, I can assure you, MEN cannot, NOR has one EVER, gotten pregnant. #ScienceMatters,” wrote conservative commentator Kimberly Morin. 

Author John Hawkins responded to The Recount, writing, “If you think biology 101 is transphobic, maybe you’re just anti-science.”

The Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing wrote, “No matter how many journalists insist otherwise, no matter how many social scientists insist the same, no matter how many social platforms, corporations, or schools force this lunacy upon you, men can not become pregnant and it is not transphobia to acknowledge as much.”

“Come for the common sense from Rubio, stay for the ratio of the left-wing stupidity,” quipped columnist Derek Hunter. 

“‘Transphobic attack.’” Lmao stop erasing women,” urged conservative commentator Ian Miles Cheong.

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