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Does Val Demings Know the Price of Gas in Florida?

MIAMI, FLA. — In a video seen on social media, Rep. Val Demings was asked multiple times if she knows the price of gas in Florida. Demings didn’t appear to know the answer. 

Townhall reports

Rather than directly answer the question, the congresswoman responded by reciting Psalm 23. “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” 

Sen. Rubio released an ad in March of this year going after Rep. Demings for how she “isn’t supporting American oil production.” 

Democrats are also in disarray over whether to pass a federal gas tax holiday, something President Joe Biden has proposed, though it’s not likely to help alleviate prices at the pump. Further, it may even cause further pain by leading to higher inflation. It also would likely help the oil and gas companies that Biden has continuously slammed. 

Gas prices are a considerable problem for many Americans. Demings’ move to reference a Bible verse about “evil doers” then with regards to such concerns is indeed a curious one. 

While Val Demings may not know the price of gas, Floridians certainly do, and they want to see decisive action on the part of their leaders in Democrat-controlled Washington. It’s time to unleash American oil production. 


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