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Democrats Have Controlled Washington for Two Years. Everything Has Gotten Worse.

MIAMI, FLA. — The Marco Rubio for Senate campaign released the closing ad of the cycle today. In the ad, Rubio highlights how Val Demings and Democrat-controlled Washington have failed the American people over the past two years.

Click below or HERE to watch “Everything.”


For two years, Democrats have controlled everything. 

Instead of growing jobs, they grow inflation and debt. 

Instead of producing American energy, they beg our enemies for oil and they make you pay at the pump. 

And instead of enforcing our laws, they let illegal aliens and drugs flood across our borders. 

Val Demings supported all of this. She votes with Pelosi one-hundred percent. 

I’m Marco Rubio and I approve this message to stop this insanity and save our great country.

Fighting for Florida