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Demings Refuses to Condemn Biden Admin’s Talks with Maduro’s Narco-Regime

March 7, 2022

MIAMI, FLA. — After hampering domestic energy production and making us more dependent on hostile foreign governments, Joe Biden is looking for a bailout…from Nicolás Maduro’s narco-regime in Venezuela.
You read that right: to reduce our dependence on Russian oil, Biden is considering lifting sanctions on Venezuela’s murderous regime, which has a long history of oppressing its people and aligning itself with Russia. 
“Biden Admin secret meeting with #Maduro was a huge PR boost for #MaduroRegime,” Marco Rubio tweeted. “And a demoralizing betrayal of those who have risked everything to oppose Maduro & weren’t even told this was happening. And for what? The amount of oil #Venezuela can produce right now is insignificant.”
Democrats are so desperate to push their far-left Green New Scam agenda here at home that they are willing to engage Maduro directly and ease sanctions on Venezuela’s dictatorial regime.
“Val Demings’ failure to recognize our nation’s support of President Guaidó’s Interim Government or condemn Biden’s disastrous decision to send U.S. officials with the narco-regime should raise serious questions about where her priorities lie. Venezuelan-Americans in Florida see her for what she truly is: a political opportunist who will gladly sell out those fighting oppression in Venezuela to push her radical far-left agenda here at home,” said Laura Ortiz, Hispanic Media Director for Marco Rubio for Senate. 

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