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Demings Planned Event with Radical Trying to Defund Demings’ Former Police Department

MIAMI, FLA. — Val Demings planned on campaigning with Anna Eskamani, Orlando’s very own Defund the Police champion, last week, and bailed after Team Marco highlighted Eskamani’s plans to defund the Orlando Police Department in which Demings served. 

Fox News reports:
A poster for the event highlighted Demings presence as well as state Rep. Anna Eskamani, who represents Orlando in the state legislature. “Come make calls or knock on doors with [Eskamani] and me at our Defending Choice Volunteer Launch,” Demings said in the tweet.

It’s unclear why Demings didn’t show up to the event. Demings’ campaign and Eskamani did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s requests for comment. 

“While Val Demings spends millions of dollars on ads trying to convince Floridians not to believe their own eyes, she’s campaigning with Florida’s own Defund the Police champion. Florida law enforcement know Marco Rubio is the only candidate they can count on to stand up for their interests in Washington,” Elizabeth Gregory, communications director for Marco Rubio for Senate, told Fox News Digital.

Eskamani called for “demilitarization” the Orlando police department — where Demings had served as chief until 2011 — and proposed “divest in law enforcement, invest in community programs” in a 2020 campaign statement.

Demings released an ad in June where she promises that in the Senate she would “protect Florida from bad ideas like defending the police.”

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